14 May, 2024

Research Officer / Senior Research Officer - Expert in Advanced Microscopy

$97,152 - $130,353 yearly
  • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Full time, Fixed term Laboratory Research Laboratory & Technical Services

Job Description

Job Title

Research Officer / Senior Research Officer - Expert in Advanced Microscopy


Job Description

An excellent opportunity is available for a Research Officer / Senior Research Officer to join the Centre for Dynamic Imaging at Australia’s pre-eminent biomedical research institute.


About the position

The Centre for Dynamic Imaging (CDI) in the Advanced Technology and Biology Division, provides researchers with access to off-the-shelf and custom-built microscopy solutions, and specialist expertise to generate detailed, quantitative, and real-time views of biological systems for immune disorders and cancer, as well as infectious and inflammatory disease research. 

We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists, with expertise in biology, engineering, and physics. A dedicated team of bioimage analysts also provides access to  analysis pipelines as well as virtual computing infrastructure with an array of software for the visualisation, management, and analysis of data. We work collaboratively with research teams to provide innovative solutions in experimental design, sample preparation, data acquisition and data analysis, with an aim to gain new insights and accelerate discoveries.

The CDI is equipped with several light sheet microscopes, including the Zeiss Lattice light sheet and Z1 light sheet microscopes, both single molecule and 3D SIM super-resolution microscopes, several multiphoton platforms, equipment for spatial transcriptomics and proteomics, laser capture microdissection and an array of high-end confocal microscopes, such as the Leica Stellaris confocal with white light laser and FLIM. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic, innovative and self-directed person who is highly specialized in advanced microscopy techniques who would be excited to work closely with research teams to help them push the boundaries in light microscopy and interrogate biology in unique ways . The Research Officer / Senior Research Officer will have an opportunity to work collaboratively with research teams at the Institute working on a wide range of biomedical projects and will be contributing to high impact research and translation. This position provides an excellent opportunity to be involved in world-class research projects, and for the successful applicant to build themselves a major international reputation.


Responsibilities may include, but not limited to:

  • In close collaboration with research teams and other members of the CDI, you will have a major role in conceptualising, designing, and conducting experiments using advanced microscopy (including experimental design, data collection, interpretation, and presentation) 

  • Develop applications and collaborations for a custom-built, single-objective light sheet platform.

  • Build capacity and expertise in the area of expansion microscopy.

  • Providing training and supervision to students, post docs and peers in the use of confocal, widefield, super-resolution techniques and on the visualisation, processing and analysis of data and interpretation of results.

  • Operating, troubleshooting, and maintaining confocal, light sheet and multiphoton microscopes, including Zeiss LSM 880, 980 and Leica Stellaris platforms

  • Providing support to the head of the CDI for the supervision of staff and students and for coordinating the completion of projectsin a timely manner.

  • Working collaboratively with staff (WEHI Lab heads, post-docs, Ras, students), to introduce or develop new approaches in the CDI for facility users, which allow us to push the boundaries in live cell, 3D and super-resolution imaging, including the use of specialised reagents or fluorescent biosensors for probing cellular activity.

  • Contributing to the preparation and delivery of presentations and manuscripts for publication.

  • Providing oversight for the maintenance and compliance for all matters related to health and safety, animal and human ethics and other regulatory requirements.

  • Keeping abreast of the latest technological advances in the field by attending conferences or workshops both nationally and internationally.

  • Contributing to the analysis and processing of image data using software packages like ImageJ/FIJI or IMARIS or liaising with members of bioimage analysis to guide the development of analysis pipelines.

  • Exquisite and timely record keeping and data entry into Electronic Lab Notebook and clear presentation of results.

  • Strong desire to foster a positive workplace culture, which provides staff and students with a safe and productive place to work.


Selection Criteria
Essential Knowledge and Skills:

  • PhD in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, or related field of medical research (with evidence of experience/background in advanced microscopy methods such as light-sheet, confocal or super-resolution microscopy).

  • Hands on problem solver that is proficient in scientific technology.

  • Knowledge and direct experience with state-of-the-art instrumentation for confocal, light sheet and multiphoton microscopy.

  • Ability to troubleshoot experimental protocols, interpret data and design new experiments.

  • Track record in the application of advanced microscopy to biological samples and to developmental or disease biology research.

  • High level attention to detail and strong organisational skills, as well as excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Desirable Knowledge and Skills:

  • Experience in managing research collaborations and the supervision of staff or students.

  • Proficiency in using ImageJ/FIJI, IMARIS and other software tools.

  • Experience in expansion microscopy.

  • Experience with single-objective/custom built microscopy techniques.

  • Expertise in super-resolution microscopy or other specialised methods, like TIRF microscopy, FLIM, or single molecule tracking.

  • A good knowledge of or experience in the steps required to process and analyse light-sheet or super-resolution datasets.

  • Previous experience working within a core facility environment, and with individuals who have varying degrees of expertise in microscopy and who work on a diverse range of samples and experimental models.


Terms of Appointment

This position is available initially for 2 years in a full-time capacity. Salary is Academic Level A6-A8 for a Research Officer ($97,152–$104,281) or for more experienced candidates, Academic Level B1-B6 ($109,778-$130,353). Up to 17% superannuation and very attractive salary packaging options are available.


Pre-application enquiries are encouraged and can be directed to Prof. Kelly Rogers rogers@wehi.edu.au or Dr Niall Geoghegan geoghegan.n@wehi.edu.au


A Research Officer position description is available here.

A Senior Research Officer position description is available here.


How to Apply
Please apply by uploading your CV, cover letter and a document addressing the key selection criteria in pdf format.


Application Closing Date:  3 June 2024.

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